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Muchos consideran qual Jair Bolsonaro le ha dado el peor manejo a la pandemia en el mundo. A su obstinación por reabrir la economía, ahora se suman el ocultamiento do los datos oficiales del virus y sus amenazas a la OMS.

He once said that Brazil’s environmental policy was “suffocating the country”; he vowed on the campaign trail that not “a square centimeter” of land would be designated for Indigenous people; and last month he brushed aside official data about deforestation.

Bolsonaro is openly against minorities, having stated that LGBT children should have been beaten more and that he doesn’t see a problem in women being paid less than men. Voting “yes” to Dilma Rusself impeachment, he dedicated his words to the Colonel who tortured her during the dictatorial period (among other methods, Colonel Ustra in troduced living rats in her vagina. Dilma was one of the many brave woman who fought against the militaries in the 60′ and 80′). Also, his biggest flag is to take down Brazil’s gun control laws.

Dima Abdu and her family had pelo idea the tower block they live in had been locked down until hours after it was suddenly announced on Saturday.

Some travellers here have been waiting for months to get their money back on flights cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Here's how to find out what you're entitled to and what to do if you're not getting it.

6 Jul 2020, 16h47 O Brasil vai para o quinto ministro da Educação isento ter tido o terceiro nem este quarto. E nunca este segundo nunca este primeiro. Política Saiba como a MP do futebol virou arma política do bolsonarismo contra a Globo

El Patronato do la Fundación Es Baluard aprueba las more info cuentas anuales y la memoria por la programación del museo por 2019

Ameba "comecerebros": las autoridades de Florida emiten una alerta do salud tras un raro caso noticias do infección por el parásito

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El futbolista que debió haber here sido el primer negro en la selección por Inglaterra y terminó su vida limpiando las botas do los jugadores blancos

Muere en Italia Ennio Morricone, el legendario compositor de algunas por las bandas sonoras más famosas por la historia del cine

It was the highest loss in Brazilian rainforest in a decade, and stark evidence of just how badly the Amazon, an important buffer against global warming, has fared in Brazil’s first year under President Jair Bolsonaro.

A woman repeatedly bashed by her ex-partner, a former Victoria Police officer, says she and her children will continue to live in fear after his jail term is replaced with unpaid community work.

internacionales con más por sesenta agencias alrededor del mundo ofreciendo cobertura global especialmente de regiones menos reportadas.

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